Relieve (sanitary napkin)

“RELIEVE” Eco friendly sanitary napkins.

Natural and Healthy, UV treated
Chemical free - No absorbent polymer used.

Technology used is simple and is devoid of chemical content. Machines are used Purely for mechanical processing , grinding and re-fibering, pressing and sealing to convert the raw material –High quality pine wood pulp into Napkins.

Not Mass produced. Production made in small batches with care.

Napkins are comfortable, extremely hygienic and skin friendly,

Core content of the napkin is bio degradable and are packed in eco friendly paper covers.

We have sold more than 3 lakh napkins so far and have received positive feedback from users

We use the machines developed by Padma Shri. Mururganatham of Jayaashree Industries Coimbatore. (Pl Google Murugnatham to know more)

We also work as demo unit and train the clients buying napkin making machinery from Jayaashree Industries.